Problem porting Usability to the new design

ojschmidt at ojschmidt at
Mon Feb 17 12:10:35 UTC 2003

[Jason Bainbridge]
> Apart from having to re-do all the's which isn't really a problem 
> just time consuming, I'd like to be able to replace the Search form from the 
> main page with the existing one from

I would prefer a solution where a subsite specific search could be
integrated into the general search engine.

Then you could select either
"", "", "Applications", "Themes",
"Documentation" or "Google" on,
"", "", "Applications", "Themes",
"Documentation" or "Google" on, and so on, without
the need to write new search engines for every subsite of

Is it possible to create a general solution this way?

> PS. just realised I haven't fixed the Location function to include the current 
> page yet, I'll do that while porting usability.

IMHO opinion the location should only be shown on the KDE home page, and
maybe application home pages that have a translation (but then the
Location menu would have to be a specific one).


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