Problem porting Usability to the new design

ojschmidt at ojschmidt at
Mon Feb 17 12:17:38 UTC 2003

[Jason Bainbridge]
> $site_onemenu = true;
> $site_title = "KDE Usability Project";
> $SearchEngine = "Usability";
> $site_logo = "/media/images/kde_logo_usability.jpg";
> $site_nolocation = true;
> Having all of those in each PHP is a maintainability nightmare, it will also 
> allow to simplify the page titles for each page being able to append to the 
> main one.

Or maybe we should just switch the defaults to "$site_onemenu = true"
and "$site_nolocation = true", so it would just need to be

$site_title = "KDE Usability Project";
$subsite = "usability";
$site_logo = "/media/images/kde_logo_usability.jpg";

$subsite = blablabla should lead to a search option called
"", which should be a search restricted to

And would it be enough to include these into to set them for
all pages of a subsite?


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