Problem porting Usability to the new design

Jason Bainbridge jaseone at
Mon Feb 17 10:01:47 UTC 2003

On Monday 17 February 2003 05:04, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
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> On Sunday 16 February 2003 13:44, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> > Another suggestion... can we have a flag so we can exclude the "Choose
> > your location:" dropdown from subdomains if we want to? It kind of sits
> > on it's own and detracts from the eye where it isn't really needed for
> > subdomains.
> yes, sounds reasonable
> $site_nolocation = true

Thanks, now for my next request... Does anyone object to subdomain specific 
includes in the media/includs directory? Now before anyone gets defensive, 
all I mean is to include things like the following:

$site_onemenu = true;
$site_title = "KDE Usability Project";
$SearchEngine = "Usability";
$site_logo = "/media/images/kde_logo_usability.jpg";
$site_nolocation = true;

Having all of those in each PHP is a maintainability nightmare, it will also 
allow to simplify the page titles for each page being able to append to the 
main one.


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