Problem porting Usability to the new design

Jason Bainbridge jaseone at
Sun Feb 16 09:39:12 UTC 2003

Apart from having to re-do all the's which isn't really a problem 
just time consuming, I'd like to be able to replace the Search form from the 
main page with the existing one from

There is two possible solutions, firstly to create and use a custom version of 
the include with the different search function or include logic in the main 
one, something like if ($SearchEngine = 'Usability') then use the usability 
one else use the default one. The latter is better for maintainability but 
just adds a little bloat to the include, is it okay to proceed with this?

Also with the Sitemap being located in /family we need to add that to the 
procedures for porting and mirroring, talking of which did anyone ever write 
a quick guide on how to do a port? If not once I've finished usability I 
might put something together. :-)

Now I'm actually using the new design, I am really starting to like it. Kudos 
to all that are involved in making it happen. :-)

PS. just realised I haven't fixed the Location function to include the current 
page yet, I'll do that while porting usability.

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