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ddelanoy at 180solutions.com ddelanoy at 180solutions.com
Thu Feb 6 17:33:03 UTC 2003

Hi my name is David DeLanoy. I work with 180Solutions Inc., and would
like to present you with a financial offer. I am in search of software
developers to work with in order to distribute our application, n-CASE.
I would like to talk with you about bundling n-CASE with KDE 3.0.5a. If
you would be interested in discussing this with me please call me at
425-576-4239 or email me at ddelanoy at 180solutions.com. 

What is n-CASE and how does it benefit you? N-CASE is a Comparative
Alternative Shopping Engine and it is the most widely distributed client
side software application of its kind. Currently, over 15 million users
have installed n-CASE. 

Distributor Benefits 
*	Immediate profitability 
*	Full access to data 
*	Targeted intelligence 
*	180Solutions is TRUST~e Certified

Typically, our distribution partners bundle n-CASE in their existing
setup programs or as a part of an upgrade, and then give their users the
option to install n-CASE during setup. Currently over 60% of users opt
to install n-CASE. 180Solutions will pay up to $.07 for every user who
opts into installing n-CASE. 

If you are interested in working with us to provide your users with
valuable software, as well as help generate incremental revenue for your
company please contact me directly so that we can discuss working
together. I look forward to hearing back from you. 


David DeLanoy
ddelanoy at 180Solutions.com
425-576-4239 Work
425-576-4195 Fax

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read on, or visit our site at:

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