solution for .php braking millions of links to our pages?

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Wed Feb 5 13:22:13 UTC 2003

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On Wednesday February 05, 2003 05:23, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 21:10, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Bad practice?  How is using "php" files a better practice than using
> > "html" files?  Theoretically we shouldn't have anything appended to
> > the urls. But if we're going to do it, it doesn't matter what ending
> > we append, does it?
> Well would you on your local filesystem name PNG files with a .BMP
> extension and then add a mimetype that treats them as a PNG file? Not a
> great example as the mimetypes would do the same thing, but HTML files
> IMHO should be static HTML where PHP files are PHP scripts.

W3C disagrees with you.  You're supposed to hide implementation details 
from the URLs.

This *isn't* a local filesystem.  The analogy doesn't hold.

> > And don't you think breaking links is worse than being irked?
> I proposed a solution that would alleviate that problem so that's a moot
> point and Rob has already provided the code...

My solution would solve the problem of breaking links, too.
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