New colour scheme suggestion

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Tue Feb 4 16:49:40 UTC 2003

Neil Stevens <neil at> wrote:
> If you find them too big, then your settings are too big on your browser.  
> The size of those widgets is determined by your system's fonts and widget 
> style.

They, the comboboxes, are too big RELATIVELY and they are too much in
the way VISUALLY...  I am using all default settings.

The usability folks have found a good solution, and if people really
don't like that, can't we at least try to find another one instead of
claiming it's all good and solved and decided?

> The stylesheet merely requests a normal site, no bigger, no smaller.  So to 
> shrink the font, to ask for a size smaller than the user's own settings, 
> would be to diminish readability.

Yeah, I'm talking about relative sizes.

Please, let's avoid this talk of telling users to reconfigure their
machines and find a good default instead.  The whole "Website
Settings" thing is, honestly, foolish IMHO.

(sorry for the caps and other textual constructs above that may or may
not denote passion, I'm trying to get my point across to the people in


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