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On Tuesday February 04, 2003 08:29, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> Olaf Jan Schmidt <ojschmidt at> wrote:
> > [Navindra Umanee]
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> > > Screenshot, please.
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> Personally I think your main blue is too dull.  But nice try, because
> the blue we have on can definitely be improved.
> Btw, is it just me who thinks those silly humongous comboboxes are
> ABSOLUTELY HORRID and ruin the page?  We will really not fix this?  I
> find that hard to believe.

If you find them too big, then your settings are too big on your browser.  
The size of those widgets is determined by your system's fonts and widget 

The stylesheet merely requests a normal site, no bigger, no smaller.  So to 
shrink the font, to ask for a size smaller than the user's own settings, 
would be to diminish readability.
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