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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Feb 4 09:04:33 UTC 2003

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Hi Anne-Maria!

> Just a small typo: it's
> Edutainment
> and not Edutaiment


> As I maintain the KDE-Edu website, I will be interested to hear about
> how to port the new style.

See wwwtesting.kde.org/apps/kate and wwwtesting.kde.org/areas/kde-ev for 
examples. Keep in mind that there will be still some small changes, but 
it will not be difficult to follow them once the main pages work is done.

> I also would like to have translations of the KDE-Edu website, a bit
> like it is done with www.kdevelop.org. Will that be possible?

I was also wondering about this, as it would be very great if sites like 
http://www.kde.de could pick up the new design as well. We could either 
let people translate the php scripts into each language, which would be 
maintainance hell, or introduce an i18n(...) function into the php source 
code, with one php include file doing the actual translation.

> I have to add that I don't know enough php to implement that. 

I could try to implement a dummy i18n function that returns everything 
back, so we have an API that can later be used by translaters.

As I do not know php too well, everything else depends on whether other 
volunteers have enough time to spend on this.

> I reckon that you are very busy right now so there's no need to answer
> all that now. I'll make myself heard again later if more convenient ;-)

I am the maintainer of http://accessibility.kde.org, so I am currently 
discussing with Christoph how to make sure that this works best.

We will need a different logo for every kde.org subsite, which will be a 
lot of work. Maybe we should ask the artists to provide a nice set of 
logos fitting to each other, but it is probably better to wait with this 
until the colours of the new website have been decided.

> The left and right menus are lower than the central column in Amaya but
> I guess Amaya is a difficult one...

Yes, that's a result of Christoph's brilliant idea how to make the page 
both accessible and rendering well in Netscape 4.7


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