A typo and some questions

Mahfouf Anne-Marie annemahfouf at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 3 23:36:16 UTC 2003


Just a small typo: it's
and not Edutaiment
(in the right column, under Applications)

As I maintain the KDE-Edu website, I will be interested to hear about how to 
port the new style.
I also would like to have translations of the KDE-Edu website, a bit like it 
is done with www.kdevelop.org. Will that be possible? I have to add that I 
don't know enough php to implement that. Will I be able to get some help 
from the www team with adapting the new style to edu.kde.org own needs?

I reckon that you are very busy right now so there's no need to answer all 
that now. I'll make myself heard again later if more convenient ;-)

I like the actual design, it looks good in Konq and even in IE 6.0.
(it uses smaller as font setting).
The left and right menus are lower than the central column in Amaya but I 
guess Amaya is a difficult one...

Anne-Marie Mahfouf
aka annma

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