Small, but important things

Christoph Cullmann chrcul at
Mon Feb 3 08:05:01 UTC 2003

>In regards to both the colour scheme and the layout of the header, can
we take the \
>work that was previously done on and
put it to \
>work here?
>Looking at these two sites side by side at the moment the usability one
seems a lot \
>more attractive based upon these two factors.
I don't think that the header at newdesign look any better than the
current one at wwwtesting. moving the
location below the logo will break the whole design, you would have just
an other bar over the blue bar
with inform/search. Beside the colorscheme on newdesign has nearly no
contrast, which was the main point why here some people bitched down
root66 design and using such a non-contrast scheme is therefor  a no go.
I am open for changes to the color scheme, but it is mostly fine now
allready, perhaps the yellow is not the
super color, but me and Tink thought it would look fine. Perhaps we are
wrong, but that is no reason to change the whole site layout. If
somebody has any better color ideas which have contrast, send them.

>I can have a go at merging some of the work that was done on the
usability site into \
>the existing wwwtesting one tonight if people agree it would be
I would like to have some work done on the page, perhaps you could come
up with a contrast  having alternative to the yellow menus, but please
don't change the header to match the newdesign header, have allready
tried for fun to shuffel the menubar down under the logo, it looks
awful, as said, two bars in 2 lines is no good idea, even if they would
have different colors.

The overall acceptance of the current design was good, beside the
colors. I allready did several minor changes to make it using less space
and be more usable, I don't think there is any reason to now again
redesign the redesign of the redesign of the redesign of the draft for
the redesign. In short: color changes possible, rest should stay as is
(beside fixing display bugs for the common browsers: mozilla, konqui,
IE, textbrowsers, NS4 (NS4 only if possible in a sane way, and if the
page is readable, that is enough)).


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