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Sun Feb 2 22:44:01 UTC 2003

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On Sunday 02 February 2003 19:27, marko faas wrote:
> Hi,
> First: great work you're all doing!
> I have four remarks:
> - Is this yellow going to stay. Because, well,i find it very ugly...
Alternatives ?

> - Why is the breadcrum (navigation path) up above the logo? Is would be
> far more logical (and noticeable) if it were a bit down. Same goes for
> the line with the Website settings. That one is really easy to miss
> standing in the upper right corner. I propose to  switch the logo and
> these lines.
but doesn't look good.

> - In MSIE the letters are very strange and big. And as this site might
> be the first contact from MS-windows-users with Linux/KDE, it should be
> a overwhelming experience. You never get a second chance for a first
> impression...
No idea, will test from work, have no IE here

> - I have some problems with the small explanation. It raises soooo many
> questions (what is Open Source, What is Unix) that we rather could drop
> it, or we have to change it.So, with my collegues in mind, I would
> explain KDE as follows:
> KDE is a graphical desktop for systems that run Linux and is uaable
> under virtually every modern PC. KDE is comparable with mainstream
> operating systems like MS-Windows(r) and Apple Macintosch (r). KDE ships
> with office programs, multimedia software and lots of games. All for
> free.
No, think UNIX must stay, Linux is simply wrong. And I don't like the idea of 
comparing with windows and apple on the first page. That sounds like: KDE is 
cheap copy of windows and apple style GUI's for Linux.

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