Small, but important things

marko faas argus at
Sun Feb 2 18:27:55 UTC 2003


First: great work you're all doing!

I have four remarks:
- Is this yellow going to stay. Because, well,i find it very ugly...

- Why is the breadcrum (navigation path) up above the logo? Is would be
far more logical (and noticeable) if it were a bit down. Same goes for
the line with the Website settings. That one is really easy to miss
standing in the upper right corner. I propose to  switch the logo and
these lines.

- In MSIE the letters are very strange and big. And as this site might
be the first contact from MS-windows-users with Linux/KDE, it should be
a overwhelming experience. You never get a second chance for a first

- I have some problems with the small explanation. It raises soooo many
questions (what is Open Source, What is Unix) that we rather could drop
it, or we have to change it.So, with my collegues in mind, I would
explain KDE as follows:

KDE is a graphical desktop for systems that run Linux and is uaable
under virtually every modern PC. KDE is comparable with mainstream
operating systems like MS-Windows(r) and Apple Macintosch (r). KDE ships
with office programs, multimedia software and lots of games. All for

(excuse the grammar errors, I am not a native in English)

marko faas <argus at>

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