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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sun Feb 2 00:14:31 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> But before I think much more about the tables stuff, will it break WAI
> conformance ? And if yes, why ?

If breaks WAI compliance if you use a long link list in the left table 
column. Because then screen readers will read the long link list before 
the content. But maybe this is fixable using a screen reader style sheet.

For text browsers, there must be a link to jump directly to the content, 
and a link to a version where there are no links on top.

> Even WAI homepages uses tables to layout.

The WAI home page provides also a version without tables.
If we do this, then it is OK.

We could provide a via CSS hidden link to a version that has no table but 
all links _below_ the content. Maybe the php script could look for 

Not that this would then also need to be present in all links, as links in 
the accessible version must tay in that version.

BTW, Netscape 4.7 rendering can be greatly improved by simply removing all 
spaces after colons.


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