server down

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Sun Apr 20 04:55:24 UTC 2003

Michael Dean <mtdean at> wrote:
> I just wanted to let you know that the server hosting has been 
> down for at least a half an hour now.  I don't know if you admin that server 
> or if it is in a different location, but hopefully you can at least pass 
> this on to whoever the admin for that server is.  The link to KDE CVS Digest 
> on that server always fails, and attempts to ping the server 
> result in lots of lost packets, no response.  My guess is the machine is 
> hung (hopefully, rather than hacked).

The server isn't down but it seems that some people can't access it
(but obviously we are still getting hits from elsewhere).  I don't
know why.  Weird network/routing issues?  I suspect a major network
may be down that doesn't have anything to do with the dot
server/network itself....  :(

If anyone else can't access the server, I'd like to hear from them

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