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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Thu Apr 17 18:14:03 UTC 2003

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> > Someone wanted to add the boxes back as I recall, I hope we can add
> > the art too and take it all the way...
> Yes, Chris wanted to do that, so I guess his aim never was to replace
> Sebastian's design with something completely different.
> I don't know if Sebastian has ever contacted Chris about his frustration,
> and I don't know if Chris or any of the other maintainers ever contacted
> Sebastian about him leaving the web team.
> I was sometimes frustrated myself by missing responses to my work with the
> style sheets, and by lack of maintainer enthusiasm about keeping the
> promise to have a vote for the default style, so I can really understand
> Sebastian's frustration. But Sebastian didn't post any comment on the
> mailing list, so I don't know whether the maintainers are aware of his
> frustration at all.
> I am simply a contributor, so I think it is the task of the three
> maintainers to settle this.
The problem with root66 design wasn't that I don't liked it. I wanted to use 
it but I never got consense with the rest of the kde-www team about that. 
Therefor I and others crippled down it to the lowest consensus to get at 
least the structural changes done. As mentioned before, I have nothing 
against readding now after the framework is ready many of the good "artist" 
stuff from root66 design, like the nice boxes, konqui, after the logo contest 
the "best" availabe logo and style sheet. That I hadn't that much time in the 
last months is mostly because I had to work much in my university holidays ;) 

In short: It the webteam (which includes me and the other maintainers and 
helpers like Chris, you, other people been ACTIVE on the webstuff in the last 
months) can get consense about which parts we want to readd and which 
logo/style should win the contest, we can start to improve the design in that 
way, now after most of the pages use the new templates/CSS files, that should 
be no great problem (which is the most important part why we had to 
restructure/code the page, to make it easy maintainable and adjustable).

Perhaps the 2 other maintainers could add their comments about which parts of 
root66 design we should add and/or which other tweaks we could do to improve 
the look'n'feel after the most underlying framework is now ready.


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