'Design a New Logo for KDE.org' Contest Entry

Ralf Doewich ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com
Sun Apr 13 03:32:09 UTC 2003


| We currently also have a big grey line at the bottom of the logo area.
| Would you prefer this to be dropped in your design or added below
| your logo?

Here is the updated, smaller version of the logo:


This one should fit into the 80x400 spot. Place the kde_title_2.png file on
the left and the kde_title_2ext.png to the right of this image,
stretch-blitting it to whatever width you need.

| Anyway, could you make a smaller version of your website logo?


| I am wondering how I should add your new section logos to each of
| them. Maybe I would you use the small logos (dropping the background),
| would that be OK?


It's probably easier if you take these with the transparent background. It
fades to white. If you want me to prepare a different version which fades to
an alternate colour, let me know.


ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com

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