'Design a New Logo for KDE.org' Contest Entry

Ralf Doewich ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com
Fri Apr 11 16:13:20 UTC 2003

Hi Olaf,

| Thank you very must for your beautiful contributions.
| I have a number of questions concerning some of them.

No problem. Glad you like them. ;)

| [Ralf Doewich]
| > 'KDE' website title
| > http://www.industrialflair.com/files/kde/kde_title.png
| According to the competition rules, the logo must not be bigger than
| 400x80 pixels.

Yes. I prepared a few small versions of the actual logo that are even
smaller than the 400x80. I whipped up the kde_title.png in a few secs just
to demonstrate how this could look like. And we can certainly size it to
whatever scale you need if you consider the background color swishes part of
the logo design.

| Additionally, there is a lot of whitespace at the bottom of the logo -
| which makes it difficult to fit in with the different kde.org layout
| styles. We currently also have a big grey line at the bottom of the logo
| area. Would you prefer this to be dropped in your design or added below
| your logo?

Don't mind at all. Tell me exactly where you have an example of this and I
can send you a version that fulfills those requirements.

| Anyway, could you make a smaller version of your website logo?


| > 'KED' website icons
| > http://www.industrialflair.com/files/kde/kde_icons.png
| Thanks you very much, that's VERY useful. The different style sheets (see
| http://www.kde.org/media/settings.php) use different colours for the
| section titles, I am wondering how I should add your new section logos to
| each of them. Maybe I would you use the small logos (dropping the
| background), would that be OK?

Go right ahead. If you tell me how you want those logos I can even give you
those with a transparent background. Might make it easier to use them on the
actual website. Remember, I just needed some 'background' to be able to
judge how the final result would look like. ;)

ralf.doewich at industrialflair.com

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