The future of * domains?

Jason Bainbridge JaseOne at
Thu Sep 26 02:35:07 UTC 2002

Do we have any update on what's happening with the server that hosts the likes of

The last I heard was "Andreas is working on it.  Be patient, he has to reinstall his OS now." from Navindra, which was a week ago now. As I understand it the server was provided by Bero, so is the whole RedHat situation affecting this or is it just coincidence?

We should post something on the dot if the server isn't going to be back up anytime soon, the emails about being down are starting to flow in regularly and will probably increase as people want apps for their new RedHat/Mandrake/Suse installations.

If there is anything I can do from the land Down Under to help get things back online please let me know.

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