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Tue Sep 24 22:56:31 UTC 2002

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On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 00:14, Andy Goossens wrote:

> I was aware of that :-) In fact, I use the offline-validator to validate
> websites together with a small spider I'm developing (nothing big, not
> finished, ...).

So the offline validator checks static files and you have a spider that will 
spider the static pages? I just serve everything up locally and point the 
online validator (that I also run locally) to the base URL of the site I'm 
validating, using it's built in spider. Although your tool could be quite 
useful when I'm making changes to another site and don't want to have to edit 
httpd.conf and restart apache.

> And I can confirm that http://usability.kde.org validates perfectly now :-)

A fact I am more than a little proud of. :-)

> One small remark though:
> Page /activity/completed/panelconfig.php contains "javascript:" links like
> <a href="javascript:openpopup('kicker_position.png',607,582);">
> (my spider pointed it out :-)
> Don't use that. Some people don't have JavaScript (enabled), and for them
> the link just doesn't work. Put the Javascript code in an onclick attribute
> and append "return false;" (= stop action after execution JS = don't open
> the real link when we already have a popup). And put a real link in the
> href attribute. Like so...
> <a href="kicker_position.png"
> onclick="javascript:openpopup('kicker_position.png',607,582); return
> false;">
> It will work now with and without JavaScript.

Thanks for the tip. :-) I didn't write that page and it worked plus validated 
so I didn't review the javascript and my js skills would be rusty at best 
anyway, it's now fixed in CVS so everything should be squeaky clean with the 
next refresh of master.kde.org.

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