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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
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seems to be that I am not that correct in writing what I mean ;)
(hopefully that answers some of the question about my proposal for the 
structure, and btw., the design shots from sebastion are purely for the 
grafical design & layout of the page, not for the structure of the kde.org 

First, current state of kde.org:

One main page www.kde.org, many subdomaines, mostly seperated from kde.org, 
which all have their own topic/area/task they deal with (and some app 
homepages, but that is a bit different).

What I would like to have (and what is totally open to disscuss, just my 

1. www.kde.org should be the entrance portal for the users, it should be clean 
& small, not to much advanced stuff, just user info / downloads / news / 
announcements / faq ..., in general: the stuff a normal enduser want to find 
on the homepage of a desktop environment (and that is what you get on other 
homepages of companies, projects too). Therefor we perhaps need a 2 level 
menu, max.

2. The kde.org subdomains:
They should stay mostly as there are atm (only new design, to redesign their 
menu structure we a) have time after the switch b) need the YES from the 
authors, their help). They should be accessible via the current right (or my 
god left) "KDE family" link menu, which should be named other (ah, don't 
know, name it "Areas" or something like that, not that naming guy ;). There 
the user will find more specific topics.

WHAT will that reach ??

1. www.kde.org's menu will be clean, only main stuff (must be defined, yes, 
but that shouldn't be such a problem)

2. the different subdomains will be intergrated well (with a common design), 
even if they don't redesign their own menu structure

3. a novice user will get all info he needs on the first view, on www.kde.org

4. an user searching for more specific info can simply select his "area" he 
wants to (like in each shop, if you want cat food, you don't search in the 
whole shop with one big "menu" where it is, you go to the pet area and will 
find it (and all other info/stuff around the topic you want) ;=)
Therefor the right side "areas" menu would be very nice (even if it steal some 
place, we now give away with our static width table), as it shows the users 
always what other areas he could visit. (Again, merging all these areas into 
the kde.org main menu doesn't make much sense in my eyes, don'T think you it 
would be more comfortable that a user searching for just the next game in kde 
can enter the "gaming" area, where he gets news/announcements about new stuff 
on the entrance and infos about all games, than searching in the main menu 
for the games entry (which would be totally senseless for people wanting 
enterprise support ) ?)


I am on both kde-www and kde-usability, would be nice not to get copys of the 
mails to this list or I will have them 3 times ;) (which is 2 time too much)

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