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On Sunday 22 September 2002 14:02, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> Christoph,

> My only real concern with any new layout is that we get more screen real
> estate to work with for content and looking at your screenshot, I think
> that is going to be accomplished that is if the table sizes are relative?

I do beleive Christoph got that complaint before :)

> To make things easier to find a different order to the menu's on the left
> might be a good idea. Suggest maybe the following order:
> Downloads - After all that's the main thing people will want
> Info - After they have downloaded they want to learn more
> Contact - Not to far down in case people wanta  helping hand
> Explore - Put this above develop just due to the fact that people wanting
> to develop would be more willing to search for information.
> Develop - As above.

Hmm; why try to change BOTH the look & feel and the content.
You will face a lot faster turnaround and a lot less problems when you do each 
step seperately.

So IMO the same liks and same content should stay; only the look should change 
at first iteration.

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