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Jason Bainbridge jaseone at myrealbox.com
Sun Sep 22 12:02:18 UTC 2002

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I have been monitoring the threads on kde-www and have so far been quiet as I 
haven't had anything productive to add as my concerns had already been 

I've been working on usability.kde.org lately (new content, xhtml compliance 
etc.) and don't think using the new look would be much of an issue as long as 
nobody else from kde-usability doesn't object of course. :) 

My only real concern with any new layout is that we get more screen real 
estate to work with for content and looking at your screenshot, I think that 
is going to be accomplished that is if the table sizes are relative?

To make things easier to find a different order to the menu's on the left 
might be a good idea. Suggest maybe the following order:

Downloads - After all that's the main thing people will want
Info - After they have downloaded they want to learn more
Contact - Not to far down in case people wanta  helping hand
Explore - Put this above develop just due to the fact that people wanting to 
develop would be more willing to search for information.
Develop - As above.

Also I think space would be better used in the list of KDE Family sites by 
using slightly more descriptive names, the .kde.org is pretty much redundant 
in fact usability.kde.org currently deviates from the norm in this regard and 
I personally think it is better that way.

Otherwise the new layout is looking pretty good. :-)

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Jason Bainbridge
KDE - Conquer Your Desktop
The KDE Usability Project - http://usability.kde.org

On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 18:10, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> Hi,
> after we now seem to have some first draft for the design:
> http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=3244
> it would perhaps be nice to get a better structure for the kde.org mainpage
> usability wise. Therefor I ask here, seems to be our usability central ;) :
> I would like to have a page reaching that aims:
>  - allow newbies to find what they want (mostly the kde downloads + some
> help/faq/info)
>  - allow "experts" to reach quickly the developer corners, ...
> If the new design is ready, it would be nice to see switching the
> usability.kde.org homepage to it, too, but that is future ;)
> cu
> Christoph

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