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On Saturday 21 September 2002 21:20, Sebastian Faubel wrote:
> Hello again.
> I just wanted to admit that my layout I posted to needs
> still a lot of work to do. I started making it yesterday and I could
> improove a lot of things, trying around with color, contrast and keramik
> style elements etc. Also I thougt of cooperating with the KDE designers
> to get the most out of it. But I firstly wanted to know if it is welcome
> before wasting a lot of time.
> Again a big thank you for the numerous positive feedback i received so
> far!!
> Sebastian
Got positive feedback about that design from qwertz, too ;=)
I personally love it ;) (k, perhaps some color changes + other details, but 
overall it just looks close to what I wanted ;)
Could we setup a test version of that in the kde-www cvs module ?
(like the test stuff in todo/keramik)

something like www/testing would be nice for that, than we can alltogether 
give that promising start the final touch (style + structure + programming 

My ideas programming wise:
 - seperate the stuff in 2 php includes (top and bottom) as already said by 
 - allow the change of the left side menu via a custom menu.php include 
situated in the current dir of the files (as most pages on allready 
do it)
 - allow the change of the "top navbar" with a custom topbar.php, like 
menu.php or via a php $topnav var which holds the contents

With all that I would be happy to help ;)

Sebastian, if you have no CVS account (or no read/write access for the www 
module), please write a mail to coolo at for it (he needs only a shadow 
encrypted password (the stuff out of /etc/shadow for a dummy user for 
example) and a username).
In the meantime, I would set your stuff into kde cvs for public 
review/change/comment/flame/testing .... if you send me the stuff private as 
tar or something like that. (And if nobody have something against that, it 
will be just for testing, no final ..)

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