Keramik demo page is online! (with links!)

Klaus Staerk klaus.staerk at
Sat Sep 21 17:51:01 UTC 2002

Hi Daniel,

On Saturday 21 September 2002 19:13, Daniel Naber wrote:
> On Saturday 21 September 2002 15:52, fredrik danerklint wrote:
> > To me it seems that we can all agree that the layout itself it pretty
> > good, so how shall we do to go on with this?
> Well, I still don't like the blue border on the left, I'm not sure why it's
> wider than on the right?

It's still there because I didn't change it yet :-) Well, my intention was to 
adapt the blue bar from the K-Menue, you know? Uhm, maybe I'll add the 
KDE-wheel and some text to it ... we'll see how it looks then. Otherwise (if 
most poeple still don't like it), we can leave it away.

> Also, visited links need a different color than unvisited links.

True. Do you have a proposal for a color scheme for unvisited/visited/active 

> On some pages have a different menu on the left than the start
> page. I think that's very confusing, but there might be a need for links
> that point to sub-pages. This somehow needs to be solved. For example, the
> menu could be the same as on the homepage but with an additional sub menu
> opened up. Like this (when you are on page "two"):
> one
> two
>   foo
>   bar
> three

This still needs a bit of brainstorming, I think - but the example you 
mentioned looks good to me.



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