Keramik demo page is online! (with links!)

Klaus Staerk klaus.staerk at
Sat Sep 21 07:55:26 UTC 2002

Hi Fredrik,

On Friday 20 September 2002 22:49, fredrik danerklint wrote:
> Hi!
> > the last days, I was thinking and brainstorming, hacking and painting
> > about a new Keramik-like layout for the KDE webpages.
> What I've done is an example of how to use links on the site. It should
> only require to define a link once and after that you can use is
> everywhere. If you update the links location, it will be updated everywhere
> and you don't have to go thru the hole site to see if you have miss one.
> You can see the result on and get the files from

Looks good to me. Could we keep "" as namespace for include-files?

Anybody else had a look at it?



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