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On Thursday 19 September 2002 18:41, Klaus Staerk wrote:
> Hi Christoph,
> Hi all,
> Here's my little announcement about a new KDE webpage layout that I posted
> already yesterday to kde-www and www-de:
> http://www.kde.de/todo/keramik/index.html (it's already online now)

Some comments;
- - please make the table scale to screen-width.
- - long titles in the left-bar wrap to the next line. They do this completely 
to the left of the gray area. Very ugly (seen this in mozilla) Please 
consider using a <ul> or a table to do the indenting there.
- - It would probably be a very nice addition to make the list of links 
alternate colors :)
- - please consider placing the 'contact us' completely right.
- - is there a reason why the 'path' has been removed? See the bugs site where 
bugs is clearly a part of kde. (just below the logo)
- - Please consider adding an alternate color. If you look at koffice.org you 
will find an 'orange' in the logo. I personally like that :) (disclaimer: I 
made that logo :)
- - did you think about the coloring of the buttons on top? Since they are not 
links right now; making them links will probably change their color...

I'll leave graphical stuff the those experts ,)

Good work so far.
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