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> Here's my little announcement about a new KDE webpage layout that I posted
> already yesterday to kde-www and www-de:
> the last days, I was thinking and brainstorming, hacking and painting about
> a new Keramik-like layout for the KDE webpages.
> Now here's a first preview of what I worked out. You can find it in KDE CVS
> at www/international/germany/todo/keramik
> or (within an hour) online at
> http://www.kde.de/todo/keramik/index.html (it's already online now)
> I placed this layout just temporarily to this place (didn't know where else
> to place it ...).
I like your new design as draft very much, looks fresh + orientates at the 
keramik stuff, I only would like to have a relative and not absolute sized 
table, that was one of my main probs with the current kde.org homepage. ;)
(fixed size is perhaps bit better to layout, but on little screens not fully 
visible and on big ones just lost)

> Maybe we have a first structure with this now - please let me know what you
> think about it. Please keep in mind that it's still "alpha", so: there's no
> such thing as validated (X)HTML, CSS or PHP. ;-)

> The headline "the K Desktop Environment" is also just a dummy for the
> moment. And I still haven't found a place for the hotspot and the
> "search"-function yet.
> Please feel free to distribute this information to other KDE mailing lists
> (as for e.g. people from the "devel corner" asked for a new layout, too)
> Best regards,
> Klaus

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