the mirror is done..

Edward Tjin Liep Shie Edward.TLS at Tiscali.NL
Wed Sep 11 11:22:17 UTC 2002

The dutch mirror is done..
It took us almost 2 complete day to get the full ftp mirror..

  * The server address	: ( ip )
  * Your country (e.g., Italy) 	 : Netherlands
  * Your name and email	: edward.tls at
  * Your available bandwidth	: 100 Mbit
  * Your update frequency	: Once a day @ 2am
  * Your update method (rsync, fmirror, etc)	:  rsync
  * Whether or not you want to be a primary mirror	: primary

We are connected to the AMS-IX whit 3x 1000BaseSX

Can u keepme informed..

With kind regards,

Edward Tjin Liep Shie <__> Unix SysAdmin <__> <Edward.TLS at Tiscali.NL>
Tiscali Benelux, Office: +31-30-248-3500 Cell: +31-6-53949063

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