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Tue Sep 10 00:24:40 UTC 2002

Dear Webmaster:

It appears your mail server bounced my message, but I didn't send a message
to "dump at".

Could you please tell me if any of the people on the actual recipient list
received my message?


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Hello folks.

I'm an editor for PC World magazine. We're running a story about Linux in a
future issue, and we would like to show a screenshot of the KDE login
screen on one of the pages in our story.

Unfortunately, neither our resident Linux guru on staff, nor the PR folks
from SuSE, are able to provide us with the screenshot we need.

I'm hoping you can help. Please drop me a note if you can help, and I can
provide further details.

My deadline is this Wednesday, so I'm hoping this isn't a terribly
egregious task.



Andrew Brandt
Senior Associate Editor
PC World
501 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

tel. +1 415/978-3318
fax +1 415/442-1891
email: brandt at pcworld dot com

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