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On Sunday 01 September 2002 07:05 am, Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> (Sorry for the CC:s, I can't see who's on the kde-www ml)
> I added kwin ml to the mailinglists.html today. While looking into this, I
> thought that the way I did the entry of kwin would be better for all lists,
> now that we have mailman (since many years).
> The issue for which I CC this to Waldo and Coolo is that, most mailing
> lists are linking to inappropriate locations for their archives, from the
> respective listinfo pages. E.g., at
>, the archive shown when
> clicking on "kde-www archive" in the description of the list brings one to
> a pipermail archive that was apparently deactivated in April 2002.
> The link is configurable from the administrative templates. Kwin's listinfo
> links since many months to the proper location, but for the
> other lists I don't have administrative rights.
> ---noteworthy:------------------------------
> If I'd get (temporary) access, I'd offer to change all listinfos when I'd
> get a bit of time.
> -------------------------------------------------

We can change it on the server with some find&replace magic but unfortunately 
do not all of the list-names match 1:1 with the names on If 
you can provide me with a mapping then I can fill them in on the server in 5 
min. There may also be lists that aren't archived at (yet)

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