Cristian Tibirna tibirna at
Sun Sep 1 14:05:01 UTC 2002

(Sorry for the CC:s, I can't see who's on the kde-www ml)

I added kwin ml to the mailinglists.html today. While looking into this, I 
thought that the way I did the entry of kwin would be better for all lists, 
now that we have mailman (since many years).

The issue for which I CC this to Waldo and Coolo is that, most mailing lists 
are linking to inappropriate locations for their archives, from the 
respective listinfo pages. E.g., at, the archive shown when 
clicking on "kde-www archive" in the description of the list brings one to a 
pipermail archive that was apparently deactivated in April 2002.

The link is configurable from the administrative templates. Kwin's listinfo 
links since many months to the proper location, but for the 
other lists I don't have administrative rights. 

If I'd get (temporary) access, I'd offer to change all listinfos when I'd get 
a bit of time.


(please CC: to tibirna at too)

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