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Mon Nov 25 04:48:24 UTC 2002

I'm sorry to interrupt your peaceful discussion, but I really think you all
should stop with the kind of discussion you offered in the last days. What
you do right now leads to nowhere.

Anyone who has ideas or corrections for a possible future design
please write it in html or change existing html respectively and send it to
Christoph or make a mock up. Anything else is obviously too inefficient here.

Beside this we are only talking about's design. Any subpage with its
own maintainer and own design, any site listed at * and all the
other KDE related sites are free to choose whatever design they want. It's our
job to make a design and give the reasons for everyone to be fully acceptable
to take over for their own sites as well. Forcing leads to nowhere, everyone
suggesting it does disqualifies himself in this discussion.

Furthermore I do think we should have small but efficient links to
informations like "latest news" and "latest kde apps". Appsy and dotty already offer a
quick solution which include constantly updated links to two sites which are
quite popular among the people interested in KDE. The issues that one of
them could be down sometime and thus all links turn into dead links is a
non-issues since the feeds have to be received first. Make the server side script of
the new site try to receive the feeds, and if it can't just don't show
respective links. And if anyone thinks of these links as advertisement for
commercial sites, well, they are invited to offer fully working replacements.

Anyone who likes to continue rambling about licensing issues instead about
actual voluntary help here and now is invited to make the kde-licensing list a
lively place again.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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