SUMMARY: status of website redesign

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Mon Nov 25 04:42:35 UTC 2002

Here's my personal summary/proposal of the status of the webdesign.
Take it as you like.

(1) Design-wise, the new web site ostensibly looks pretty sharp and
    should be nearly ready to go as a replacement for
    (implementation-wise and testing-wise is another matter) 

    This is probably up to Sebastian/Christoph/Jason/etc.  A poll
    should not be ruled out in case of contention.

(2) Design-wise, I think the search and location buttons should
    ideally be moved out of the way.  Even that "[ KDE dotNews |
    Announcements | Latest Apps ]" line seems to be in the wrong

    I think we should also use the current design by making the
    headlines of the announcements clickable and removing the extra
    link at the end of each announcement. 

(3) Content-wise, the missing functionality and content should be
    re-added and preserved from the original design.

    In particular, content-wise the dot and apps feed should
    be present just like on the current page.  Anything else is a step
    back based on the unproven and disputed notion that KDE users
    don't visit for content, and is a matter needs to be
    strongly defended by default.

(1)-(3): I'll do a mockup later if necessary.

(4) Setting the goal that all the other web sites (developer, women,
    dot, apps, ...)  with different functionality, expression and
    maintainers should have an identical corporate design is
    unreasonable, unrealistic and too *strong* a requirement.  

    The primary goal at this juncture should be to deploy the new design, provided the approval of the maintainers/authors
    of the current design is obtained, of course.

(5) Incremental improvements are certainly possible, and not to be
    ruled out.  Nothing says the design has to be 100% perfect.  95%
    is okay for a first try.  :-)	

Anyhow, I'm not going to be responding to other random flames on this
list right now.  So if I missed anything let me know separately.


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