Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Nov 25 03:40:58 UTC 2002

Navindra Umanee wrote:

> In the past Andreas already offered to themify with a
> look, but IIRC nobody considered it particularly necessary or
> important at the time.  I believe Andreas made the site themable
> anyway.


Yes, the entire site is themeable (and i18n-able ;-) ) and I was hoping to offer
the new look as an optional theme.  However, as with everthing else, I
would expect criticism from the parasites of the community who make a living off
of insulting others rather than creating something of value themselves. 
Therefor, while I would very much like to do that, I will do so only if I am

> At this junction I believe that the redesign of and
> participating sub-sites can remain pretty much independent and doesn't
> need to block on the requirement that all the other related sites
> update.  Eventually, the other sites may change of course, but asking
> Andreas to do extra work as a new "condition" now might not be
> particularly fair either.

I would also note that I did not ask to have the appsy feed placed on, I was asked to provide a customized feed and complied (happily of
course).  My offer to contribute the database if the service could no longer be
provided was made in that context of the appsy feed being added to
but was purely voluntary, nobody asked me for it.
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