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On Sunday November 24, 2002 06:00, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> Neil Stevens <neil at qualityassistant.com> wrote:
> > Are they what's important?  I thought we'd all agreed that the point
> > of the top-level site was to serve as a "portal" to other KDE sites? 
> > That the links were most important?
> "Portal" is nothing but a buzzword

Maybe if you'd actually read the discussions, instead of repeatedly 
insisting you were reading between complaint mails, you'd know what was 
being discussed here.

It was generally agreed upon that the reason people visit www.kde.org is 
not to see any conent there itself, but rather to find other KDE sites.  
So www.kde.org was to be made a "portal" (not the word I started using for 
it) to other KDE sites.

Then you started making your demands that the site be cluttered with links 
to your weeks-late security warnings.

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