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Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Mon Nov 25 03:21:09 UTC 2002

Am Montag, 25. November 2002 03:00 schrieb Navindra Umanee:
> Neil Stevens <neil at qualityassistant.com> wrote:
> > Are they what's important?  I thought we'd all agreed that the point of
> > the top-level site was to serve as a "portal" to other KDE sites?  That
> > the links were most important?
> "Portal" is nothing but a buzzword.  

I disagree on a lot of points you put up. But IMHO you are 100% right here. :)

>The current webpage is great
> currently with constantly updated content, conveying up to date
> information, useful for users and doing the job of announcing the
> latest work of the developers.  People actually have a reason to visit
> it.

Basically your right IMHO, except:
- Too much information 
- How the information is presented

> Changing www.kde.org simply so that it conforms to the notion conveyed
> by a buzzword would be a step back, not an improvement.

I think the problem is what each individual thinks of as portal site. I'm not 
trying to make a "hip site". It should be more usable than the current site.
And before anybody gets this wrong: I'm not saying the current site is evil. 

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