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On Sunday November 24, 2002 05:51, Andreas Pour wrote:
>   * As to the website:  many people use those links.  That makes the
> links useful, and the page that holds them useful.  When people find the
> links missing they will get upset.  And also they may bookmark appsy
> directly and stop visiting the website regularly.  Plus basic
> web design says to draw traffic your content should be dynamic.  People
> don't like to visit a page again if it hasn't changed.  In any case, not
> good for the site.

If you want committed to advertising your site, why don't you 
reciprocate by committing your site to use whatever design is used on www?

And further, commit in writing to the KDE e.V. that the service will not 
change, or else you will provide the database and software under suitable 

If all that you say is true, the second part should be no problem for you 
to do.  And the first is reasonable, if you're trying to make seamless the 
process of navigating and the links to your site.

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