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Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 25 02:47:44 UTC 2002

Mat Colton <mat.colton at web-xs.de> wrote:
> Offensive? Where? I have stayed calm though you are not even trying
> to understand what I mean. More then that you try to ignore parts of
> sentences to make a sense to that fits your fears or whatever. All
> IMHO!  Take your last comment. I did nothing but ask if maybe my
> point of view on the user habits is wrong "...I would think, maybe
> I'm wrong" I wrote, then I go on "But anyway, I find that very
> interesting..." and ask "how do you know that it's one of the most
> appreciated features of www.kde.org?". Andreas gave me a mature and
> informative answer, you flame me, or at least I get that feeling.

The problem is that you already made your decision before having the
facts.  You pronounced first and then asked later.  All IMHO, of
course. :P

> > I only see your unrealistic
> > approach adding further delays to a probably already doomed site
> > redesign for KDE.
> Well, that as a stand alone is arrogant and a flame IMHO. But in the context 
> you actually wrote it made sense and was rather polite:

Damn straight it's a flame.  But it's not arrogant.  It's based on
watching how these things turn out time after time.  Lots of talk,
lots of ambition and desire, lots of mock ups but completing the job
is another thing...

How long was it that KDE was without a decent news site?  How long was
it that KDE was without a decent apps site?  A *very* long time, I can
tell you, until someone actually stepped up and did all the hard work.
Now that the sites are popular of course, it's a problem for a few

Have you heard about the circus that is gnome-web-list?  All these
many months and they still haven't gotten their oft-hyped new website
up.  They do, of course, have XGSDFDFML-compliant web mock-ups by the
ton to showcase.  (As an aside, even worse, they completely took down
gnotices.gnome.org, a huge archive of GNOME news.)

That being said, I know that people like Christoph and company have it
in them and can pull it off successfully.  These are people who have
proven themselves.  I just think we need to be realistic about it, not
aim too high and too far, and certainly not take a step back in the
process.  In our case, the situation is not as bad or urgent because
www.kde.org is already very good.

> Well, go to Appsy. The fees are moderate. I have explained more then
> once that it is not the service itself that upsets me.

Ahh, couldn't find the announcement.  It seems to work as usual.

> Well, then don't do it! Why do you want to do so? No one is forcing you I 
> would guess. 

This was all aimed at your "consistency" comment.  All IMHO, of

Thank you for your mirrors and KDE hosted web pages.  As you can see
it is not always a simple job to do right.


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