discussion? where? well, not here...

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 25 02:10:50 UTC 2002

Neil Stevens <neil at qualityassistant.com> wrote:
> Removing a feed from www.kde.org/index.php is not the same as hiding a 
> service from the users.  The service will be no less available if we 
> unclutter the KDE top-level page.  Please don't exaggerate the issue.

You are removing a major reason people visit www.kde.org by removing
the content they want.  I don't think the point is to alienate the
users from www.kde.org, it's to make the experience better for them.

Making www.kde.org an empty shell with few content updates (aka
"portal") would not be a good thing for many reasons...  already
enumerated in other posts.


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