discussion? where? well, not here...

Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Sun Nov 24 02:43:23 UTC 2002

Navindra Umanee wrote:
> Mat Colton <mat.colton at web-xs.de> wrote:
> > It's fine if they're commercial. But since it doesn't belong to KDE
> > we have no influence on the site. So maybe tomorrow they'll ask for
> > a subscription for everything. What do we know? So IMHO I wouldn't
> > put that on the front page.  Staying IMHO we should set up a
> > apps.kde.org. :)
> What the hell?  We've been using the site for years on the main page
> now.  

So, because of that it will stay that way forever? Because of that it's good?
I can show you millions of things that we humans have been doing for ages and 
still aren't good... I'm sure you can as well.
Now before you turn the words in my mouth again: I am NOT saying Appsy isn't 
any good. 

> It's one of the most appreciated features of www.kde.org,

I don't know anybody who goes to kde.org to get the current Appsy items. You 
do that once, then you bookmark Appsy I would think, maybe I'm wrong. But 
anyway, I find that very interesting information, how do you know that it's 
one of the most appreciated features of www.kde.org? Do you have overall 
link-off statistics? That would be an interesting thing to know. I can imagine 
that it is very interesting for a first time visitor of kde.org.

> and it
> is worthy tribute to all of our application developers.  The dot
> simply cannot fulfill the role of announcing all these applications.

I didn't claim that anywhere.

> In any case, I remember Andreas saying he would transfer the full
> database to KDE if ever a situation arises where he can't maintain
> usual service or KDE.com goes under.  All this stuff was already
> discussed for the current www.kde.org.  What has changed now?

Well, take a look at Appsy going commercial. Fine with me, and I really mean 
that, but it doesn't cope with *my* idea of free software. 
Now, before I'm misunderstood again, of course Appsy should go on kde.org, but 
not on the front page IMHO. We won't offer the current KDE packages from the 
front page either.

> In one sentence you say the current www.kde.org is good enough, and in
> the next you say the content isn't good enough for the new design.  

What I wrote was that the old content has flaws IMHO, BUT..staying with the 
current design is better then moving on to a design which, *as a whole*, 
isn't better then the old design. 

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