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marko faas argus at dds.nl
Sat Nov 23 13:17:56 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 12:46, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
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> Sorry Mat, I've been snowed under at work, working till the likes of 1:30am to 
> push a major release out the door and am flying to a client site next week, 
> plus I have a paper on Usability to write for linux.conf.au and with the 
> previous problems I've had getting collaboration happening on this I've let 
> it slip and had reasonable amounts of sleep instead.
> I think what needs to happen is that the below timetable gets revised:
> November 4:  Call for requirements
> November 11: No more requirements submissions
> November 18: The Three send RFC on final requirements
> November 25: Final requirements proposed; call for final designs made
> December 2:  No more design submissions
> December 9:  The Three announce final design for www.kde.org

Does this only applies to the *graphic* design, or also to the menu
structure. In taht case we still have a lot to do before monday. the
menu should be rearranged and needs new terms and wording.

I also want to stress that Navindra is completely right when saying that
the apps *need* a place on the site. Those are to most important assets
of KDE, next to KDE itself (which is lilely to be distributed elsewere).

I wonder if we cannot skip the explaination, or shorten it, and then
link to a much larger story on another page. That gives newbies still a
good opportunity to learn about KDE, but makes KDE.org more a portal (or
jumppage) where the KDE *user* still can find all the new stuff.

Anyway, I am touching an area we should have started with: What is our
main gaol and our main target group (or groups), and what content fits
for that?

Marko Faas
(argus at dds.nl)

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