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Sorry Mat, I've been snowed under at work, working till the likes of 1:30am to 
push a major release out the door and am flying to a client site next week, 
plus I have a paper on Usability to write for linux.conf.au and with the 
previous problems I've had getting collaboration happening on this I've let 
it slip and had reasonable amounts of sleep instead.

I think what needs to happen is that the below timetable gets revised:

November 4:  Call for requirements
November 11: No more requirements submissions
November 18: The Three send RFC on final requirements
November 25: Final requirements proposed; call for final designs made
December 2:  No more design submissions
December 9:  The Three announce final design for www.kde.org

As we are running a bit behind, then the interested parties agree on the 
requirements ensuring the rest of the mailing lists are still aware of the 
process so they can be represented. Then we publish the requirements, which 
will be free of most graphic design related issues so designers can put 
together prototypes that will be decided upon on this list most likely by the 
three that were previously chosen but others will be welcome to voice their 

I've seen you have had quite a lot of good ideas, I was even starting to like 
your ideas for the common menu, so do you want to pull everything out there 
into one formal document? then I will help give input and criticism as I will 
be able to make time for that.


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