discussion? where? well, not here...

Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Sat Nov 23 01:01:37 UTC 2002

As far as I can see nobody is joining in to discuss the usability/menu style 
guide stuff I posted. Why? It's too far off? You're too lazy?
The way I got it you never discussed this stuff. Which IMO is one reason why 
the layouts never came up to what the ppl expected.
I jump in there, trying to make a point, even try to be a bit provocative to 
wake ppl up. But nothing happens. Again, why?
I can see Jason has simuliar thoughts, but AFAIU it is not thought of 
globally. Is that correct? As I have said before, I think it's not easy, but 
we should be able make something that will work for all. 
I'm willing to spend my free time to try to find something that will work. But 
of course I don't want to waste my time. So please let me know what's going 
on here. 
Thank you.

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