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Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Wed Nov 13 00:55:14 UTC 2002

Sebastian Faubel wrote:
> > I'm not talking about alternative CSS. I'm not even talking about CSS. As
> > I wrote the structure is the problem. Get JAWS, there's a free version
> > available. Try for yourself.
> will try out.

It's not that easy to use. Not talking about with your design, just in 
general. I hate it and am glad I don't need it. 
There's german version around somewhere, but I don't have the link at hand.

> I thougt you where talking of something different - misunderstood.
> I got that earlier, but i was too busy on finding a *final* layout to
> fix this.

IMO it's too early for you to do a final layout. It's even too early to do any 
layout, since the content isn't defined yet. I'm referring to the "what goes 
into which navigation and how is the navigation structured" and the "what 
content goes on the front page" discussion. Up to now you made a lot of 
layouts, have spent a lot of time making changes to the wishes of others and 
of yours. I'm not saying it was useless since it showed you are very creative 
and it gave others a couple variations to look at and drool. :P
But IMO now we should set the basics straight and look what will actually go 
on the page so you know what you're working for.
That takes us back to the time plan. I agree with you that there is no use in 
a pressed time shedule. KDE 4 isn't in sight, we're in the mid of the 3 
series and can't make it for KDE 3.1. So why hurry?

> > http://www.alistapart.com/stories/flashsatay/
> > Shows how to do the flashy stuff. ;)
> if you are willing to make a flash animation it would be welcomed..:-)

NO WAY! 8-]

> > > > - There are far too many links on the page. As Marko Faas pointed
> > > > out, many of them are confusing or useless. I know this is just a
> > > > design study. But anyway, crop of the confusing/useless links and the
> > > > site will work with a one sided menu. I know we are trying to get the
> > > > layout straight, not the content, but we have to keep the content in
> > > > mind when doing the layout.
> i looked at your proposal but IMHO it seemed even more confusing to
> me...

I'm pretty tired, but I'll try to put a new one up tonight. 

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