www.kde.org/testing update

Jason Bainbridge JaseOne at myrealbox.com
Tue Nov 5 00:03:23 UTC 2002

>From: Sebastian Faubel <s.faubel at web.de>
>maybe, but I'm afraid that i might not agree with some >of the so called
>"requirements" - as we saw that the "usability" group >and me are
>obviously aiming different targets.

Not everyone will agree with all requirements as satisfying everyone is near impossible, however the requirements process is involving all interested parties across the whole KDE project so I don't think they can just be ignored because one person disagrees. 

By the way this requirements process involves yourself so where are your suggestions and input? Instead of just disagreeing with others and referring to the positive comments on kde-look based upon your screenshots, why don't you state your case on it's own merits so it can be considered properly?

>the problem is the time table, i cannot go with fixed >deadlines at the
>moment as I'm almost not abled to arrange my work and >civil service at
>the same time.

Unfortunately this sort of thing will always be a problem with someone or other, we just have to try to work around it and work towards an agreed goal within an agreed timeframe otherwise things just never get done.


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