Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Nov 11 21:59:51 UTC 2002

marko faas wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 08:49, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a prototype of a new frontend for at
> > .  On the final one I suspect the content will be
> > surrounded by the usual theme.
> >
> > Please test and provide feedback, it should be up by Monday for the 3.0.5
> > release.  (Hint:  after you have made a server selection, try going there
> > again).
> Looks great! I like this concept. Just a couple of remarks:
> - Shouldn't the image be in png instead of jpg?

Yes, that was for testing, it's back to .png.

> - I do understand it correctly that a user first has to click on the
> file s/he wants and then this page appears? And not the bad way: the
> other way round?

Well once you have selected a server you don't get redirected w/out seeing the
page, unless you go to say (i.e., w/out selecting a
path).  The first time you always get the page but it remembers where you were
going to so once you select a server it goes directly to the path you had
originally requested.

> - Are colors compatible with the new color scheme? It would be nice of
> the colors would fit the new design...

The page will fit into the current setup, it just requires an "include header"
at the beginning and "include footer" at the end.  This is jus the page

> - Maybe in time we can have individual countries listed also?

Sure, that was noted :-).  It needs a better image map (this one took me 2 hours
to create, but maybe we can find a volunteer to trace each country, should take
about 10 hours - I recommend KImageMapEditor).

> - How come we don't have a mirror in antarctica :-)
> Austrasia is not widely used, however Lonely Planet does so. Imho it
> should be Oceania (for a list of countries: I
> would divide Asia in South-East Asia (for a list of countries:
>, the Middle East and mainland
> Asia.

Please send an image and a corresponding image map, it is easily done.  I used a
map I found (which was public domain) and drew the map areas, I am not willing
to do more work on this b/c this satisfies me, though I am very happy to
incorporate a better image and image map.



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