Andreas Pour pour at
Sun Nov 10 13:03:04 UTC 2002

Daniel Molkentin wrote:

> >Then you have to visit one of (s/com/org/ for the final of course):
> >
> [...]
> I'd prefer a different strategy:
> If you visit the page for the the 2.+ time, the server delivers a link to the
> selection menu and schedules a 2-4 second redirection.

Yeah, that was in the 1st draft but I had 2 votes against it.  Two
disadvantages:  (a) not really enough time to make a decision; and (b) if you
are following a whole bunch of links its tedious.  The nice thing about the
current method is, once you've selected a server, it's invisible.

One thing you can play with too is limiting the cookie life.  Right now it's set
at 60 days but it could be set to 1 week . . . .



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