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On Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:49, Andreas Pour wrote:

> I have a prototype of a new frontend for at
> .  On the final one I suspect the content will be
> surrounded by the usual theme.

Good idea. 

> Please test and provide feedback, it should be up by Monday for the 3.0.5
> release.  (Hint:  after you have made a server selection, try going there
> again).

Very nice way to handle it, nice and transparent. :-) It seems to work quite 
well, although on an unrelated note the South American mirror doesn't seem to 
mirror KDE any longer.

>  (1) on release days, check that a mirror is synced before redirecting
> there 

That would be nifty, so they would just get re-directed elsewhere or be 
prompted to choose another mirror with an appropiate message?

>(2) make a finer-grained image map

As long as it is still quick and easy to find your region that would be good.

>  (3) if there is no server in the selected region, suggest nearby ones

Sounds good...

Just a few little comments/suggestions:

- - To this line "In the future, you should be redirected directly to the 
selected server, unless you use the link" add "below to choose a different 

- - make the link below that a href so it can be easily bookmarked and stands 
out as a link.

- - Can the currently selected mirror be displayed when you return to ? 

- - Also might be a good idea to put in a brief explantion somewhere as to what 
a primary mirror is opposed to a secondary one.

- - I assume you will use the existing template so you get the DTD tag 
for XHTML transitional? If not that needs to be added and you also have a 
missing double quote in one of the tags: <br clear=all" />, after adding the 
DTD and fixing that tag the page should validate.

Other than that great work and well done. :-)


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