web site cvs modules

fredrik danerklint fredan at fredan.org
Sun Jun 23 20:19:44 UTC 2002


> As of right now, someone can visit www.kde.org/koffice/index.phtml or my
> favorite, www.kde.org/konqueror, and find a rather broken site that looks
> oddly like www.koffice.org or www.konqueror.org. :-/

I think that we shall have the /koffice /konqueror etc. What we need to fix 
here is that each site should work when be accessed from the directory (many 
links assume that the root starts at "/" and not from "./").

If we do this, then we can have some benefits from all thoses www-mirror that 
exists today, without any new dns name like www.se.koffice.org, 
www.se.konqueror.org, instead it will work with kde.fredan.org/koffice and I 
as a admin mirror don't have to configure anything more in my apache to get 
it to work.

I belive that the hole thing about mirrors is that it will take off load from 
the main sites. 

speaking of which, why isn't the /dot directory updated?

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